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Executive P.E.A.S

Executive Personal Earnings Annuity Scheme

Designed for investors interested in investing for no longer than five (5) years.

This product is for investors interested in investing for no longer than five (5) years.
Nature of Investment:

  • Fixed/Variable rate annuity.
  • Annuity with Premature death insurance.


The scheme is a disciplined and consistent investment plan which could be used to store and create wealth for retirement to make the inevitable period, a season of relaxation and freedom from financial worries. The PEAS plan could be used as a target savings plan to meet future financial obligations such as funding of education, property acquisition, and source of funding for new businesses.

The scheme is managed in such a way that it guarantees gradual growth of your seed capital and provides financial security for your future needs after active working life. In addition, it affords you a unique opportunity to take care of your dependents in the event of premature death.

Take your destiny into your hands, subscribe to PEAS plan now!!! And take care of your retirement period.

Uniqueness of the Executive PEAS plan:

  • Open to all i.e. the self employed and employees in the public and private sector.
  • Flexibility in contribution. You can increase your payments any time as your income improves.
  • You can choose between the lump sum and periodic contribution options and still attain the desired return.
  • It is transferrable in that you can nominate a different beneficiary.
  • It is never too early or too late to start.


  • Target savings plan for your children’s education, major projects like property acquisition and business capital, etc.
  • Helps you cultivate disciplined and consistent saving habits.
  • Guarantees a source of income at old age.
  • Can be used as collateral for loan.
  • Rate of return not only higher than most deposit rates but outperforms inflationary rate.
  • PEAS Plan has been in existence for over a decade with a track record of outstanding performance.
  • The investor has the option of deciding what investment option to take.
  • Tax relief on contributions.
  • A statement of account is obtainable by investors online and on request at all our branches.